Come laugh and learn with me

My name is Krysten Bogeajis and I am 33 years old. I was born in San Diego, CA and moved to Orange County, CA my freshman year of high school. At first glance you might dismiss me as the stereotypical Newport Beach bottle blond, deep as a puddle and drowning in it as I attempt to extract from the bottom a glued, brand new pair of Christian Louboutin heels. I had even at one time cultivated this snap judgement assessment of who I really was because it was easier for me to be this one dimensional caricature of a person, than to just be me. What I was trying so desperately to keep hidden behind that too perfect to be real facade was a damaged, broken young girl, who had seen and experienced far too much grief, pain and trauma in life. Whose disorders and “isms” had warped my sense of self into something unhealthy.
In true Gemini fashion my EMO before there was EMO side has a polar opposite twin. I am obsessed with all things Fashion. I have always had a very unique style and an uncanny ability to trend forecast. I never follow the pack when it comes to my style. This happy surrounded by pretty things part of my personality gave me the strength to never let the darkness truly take me over.
I have battled back from near death brought on by the hands of criminals who attempted to end my life. 11 months ago I started the process of recovery and have overcome a 15 year struggle with drugs, alcohol and a debilitating eating disorder. I decided to start a blog that recounts the events of my life to hopefully help anyone who is struggling with addiction. I also hope to share my story as a way of preventing others from making the mistakes I have made. I believe I can relate to a broad spectrum of people, due to the vast experiences I’ve had in my life. I have chosen to use my personal style and current fashion news as the backdrop of my entries. Some entries are strictly about what’s new in current Fashion trends while others use it as a metaphor to tell parts of my story.


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